Inspired Beauty and Accuracy With Schon Cues

If you play pool, you are sure to realize that there are many different types of pool cues available. Narrowing down which one that you want will take some time, but you will be very happy when you realize what a difference it can make in your game.

A high-quality and affordable cue, from a manufacturer like Schon, can be just the one that can upgrade your game and give you hours of enjoyment with superior hit ability.

What makes a Schon Pool Cue such a great value? Schon cues have been made in the same location in Wisconsin for over 12 years. Every employee is a craftsman, and every cue is tested for quality and accuracy before it reaches the hands of the customer.

A Schon Pool Cue is one that you want to consider in your search for the right stick for you and your game. They offer crafted pool cues that will give you accurate and solid hits, while looking great in the process.

In addition, their cues offer you greater accuracy and a solid hit. Made by some of the oldest cuemakers in the world, these sticks are made with great precision and detail. You will notice this in their choice of materials, their construction, and in their detailed designs. They will give you a quality stick that you will enjoy playing with, time after time.

One very strong reason that supports the purchase of a Schon pool cue is the high quality materials that are used to craft them. With unique wood choices, beautiful inlays, and special joint details, you will find a beautiful and durable pool cue that will help your game and make you proud to own it. You will be delighted with the unique beauty and style that these Schon custom pool cues will add to your game, as well as the precise hit that it can give you.

Another reason for choosing a Schon pool cue is the great beauty and selection. These unique pool sticks are not plain and uninspired sticks. They feature great style and design that will help you express your own individuality each and every time that you play the game. They live up to the meaning of their German meaning of the Schon name, which means beautiful. Schon offers several lines of cues, which indicate how many cues were made. STL cues are some of the best sellers from over the years, while SP cues are special cues that are not made regularly. Even more difficult to find and collectible are the LTD and Elite, which are one-time only, limited edition cues. All Schon cues adhere to the same strict quality control and attention to detail.

You will be delighted to play your game with one of these beautiful sticks. With the beauty and accuracy of the Schon cues, you will find that your game is brought up to a new level. You will enjoy it more with a stick that you like the look of and you will make your game more competitive and fun. Consider a Schon Pool Cue for your game today!


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