Body painting is in trend now days and this trend is very popular among teenagers. Just imagine having a body painting with mehndi is simply cool and stylish. The mehndi is preferred for this art because the other artificial chemicals for various body designs are really dangerous for your skin as they can cause skin allergy as well. So it’s better, safe and attractive to go for mehndi tattoo designs. The henna tattoo designs are famous because of their harmless usage and style statement. The color variety that you can have in your henna tattoos is obtained with the amalgam of tea, cloves, lemon, coffee and indigo leaves with henna paste. Thus you can still have a wide range of color contrasts although as compared to the artificial ways this color combination is not sufficient to cater the increasing demand. Henna Mehndi Tattoo Designs For Arms. The traditional view is that if you really want to have the brightest color and great hue of your henna designs then do apply oil and sugar on your mehndi as it gives the strong color impact which lasts for longer time.

Lower Back Henna Tattoo Designs
Now henna designs are not only restricted to the wedding events rather their usage and following has extended a lot. It has more become a decorative tool for your beauty and it doesn’t require any special event rather it will surely make your ordinary day the special day. Henna was primitively used to color your nails, hair, clothes and skin but now the artistic emergence of the henna tattoo designs has made it the wow factor for your celebration. Beauty adds confidence, glow and smile in your personally and so does the attractive henna tattoo designs. In short it will not wrong to say that henna designing in various forms and textures is the oldest known art. But with the passage of time this art has blended with the modern techniques and appeared to be extraordinarily beautiful in its present form.

You can have various artistic designs in henna tattoos; you can go for symbols and spiritual designs as well. The body art with henna tattoos designs depicts the cultural values, traditions and modernization as well. There are many advantages of using henna designs as it is cheap and easily available not only this but it is natural dye and it is not going to harm your skin. The heart henna tattoo designs are famous and you can have it on your body. This unique creativity and art is definitely going to make you appreciated in your parties and events.

Heart Henna Tattoo Designs