People use different beauty products to get stunning and gorgeous skin, they just waist money. Listen! If your figure is not fit or you are not following the proper diet plan then Fresh water, fresh fruits and green vegetables are the best way to fulfill this deficiency and to get younger looking skin. It is not enough if you regularly use the green but fresh fruits and vegetables then after two or three weeks you will feel an unbelievable change in your personality.Your skin will be soft, smooth and shiny. It will also help your hair to grow faster and faster, they will be long, strong and shiny. Below I will explain seven points one by one to get beautiful, glowing and stunning look.



1. Sweet Potatoes:They not only look pretty, they are also delicious to eat. They contains largeamount of beta carotene, it also contain antioxidant in different colors like red, yellow and orange they come up with lot of vegetables in their colors. Sweet Potatoes take care of your complexion and protect your skin from sun damage.


2. Water:It is the best hydrating agent and when you use plenty of water it hydrate well and after hydration it appears on our body in the form of sweat which clears your skin. Use planned water amount because it is good to use and it contains zero calories. Some experts said that men try to drink 3 liters of water in a day and women drink 2.2 liters of water it will glow your skin and it will also improve your digestive system.

3. Olive Oil for Good Fats:With all these things we also need proper amount of fats to improve our health. It contains omega 3, so try to use at least one tablespoon olive oil per day to improve circulation.

4. Salmon:Some cold water fishes like Salmon and some other are great source of protein for you. It will maintain your skin and cellular level; we cannot store proteins in our body so that’s why we have to proper meal full of desired protein as our body needed it to work whole day.

5. Green Tea:Green tea contains polyphenols which will help you to protect yourself from cancer or any sort of DNA damage. It is the most beneficial tea it will also help you to get wrinkle free skin.

6. Blueberries:They are the major source of antioxidants, blueberries increase your mental power and it also help to restore things in your brain for a long period; it also helps to improve memory.

7. Dairy Products:Try to use low fat dairy products because they contain plenty of vitamin A, it is not enough for them, they also contain acidophilus which is essential for health and have great effect on skin.