Here is a simple routine of exercises you can do it in your break in business clothes in the
office. Practice them all or do one or two of them several times a day to release tension as it
accumulates in your body through the work day. No matter what line of work we do, we are all
in customer service.

Instructions to Practice Yoga at Work

If you are a customer care representative then you must practice yoga breathing every time
after handling the upset customers. The best way to practice it is that remain still for some
seconds and take deep breath for more than 3 times. It is better if you hunched the office
computer after every 2 hours.Helth tips

In home you should do this exercise before leaving for office. Sit with your flat feet on floor,
strengthen the spine and point your head towards the ceiling. Do this for 5 minutes and then
drink 2 glasses of pure water. You will feel lighter and if you continue this for more than one
month, you will feel that you can resists against unwanted client.Best Chemical Peels for Brown Skin are Deep or Phenol Peels.

The Instructions which should be followed

1. Start with deep breath because base of yoga stands on “How to breath properly”. Breathing
properly teaches you how to handle tense moments in your life. Just for this purpose your
office yoga class starts from lesson that how to breath properly. If you are tense about anything
then do shut the office door and computer and sit on your chair then take deep breath. Do
count you inhale and exhale and it is preferred if you count 3 slowly inhale and 3 slowly exhale.
Lean you body, relax your shoulder and jaw, take at least 10 breaths in this posture, you will
feel lighter.

2. Stretch your shoulder as you keep breathing from your nose and put your arm over head.
Draw your shoulders down and lean the back and take at least 5 breaths in this posture. The
next step is strengthening the arms in front of you. This posture will slightly strengthen your
shoulders. Then outstretched the arms and take your shoulders back but do care that your
shoulders not touch your ears. It means that you should not relax your neck and shoulders.

3. Lengthen your upper body. As you continue to stay seated, allow your breath to lift up
through the front of your chest on an inhalation as you take your arms behind you and interlace
your fingers. Start to lean forward keeping the front of your spine straight and lift your arms up
toward the ceiling.

I hope this will help you much so practice this simply and then add it in your routine to get