The process of belly button piercing is not that complex as it looks but still it is a bit painful
process to do, the worst pain arises when you don’t take good care of it and as a result it gets
infected. The most important thing in the whole process is to take care after the piercing and
take great care of it until it is fully cured. Piercing is same as any other wound so in order to
heal it you should prevent it from germs. The process of healing a belly button piercing takes
a lot of time it can even take a year to properly cure. The most basic cure that can be done is
washing the wound daily with some antiseptic soap and making sure that your hands are neat
and clean whenever you touch your belly button ring. You should wash your belly button at
least two times in a day.

How to Cure Belly Button Infection

When the wound is healing try to take shower with hot water. This will help in decreasing the pain and the ring will also be cleaned from any kind of bacteria or germs. During this process you should only use antiseptic soaps as other soaps makes you skin dry and as a result infection takes place. Mostly germs come from the ring you are wearing in belly button, so you should make sure that you clean your belly button ring daily while you take shower. Use the antibacterial soap to wash and clean the belly button and the area around it. Do not wash the soap quickly, let it settle in the belly button and sterilize the ring and kill the germs.How to Clean Out a Belly Button Piercing and Ring?

Majorly the infection is caused because of using dirty hands, washing and cleaning your belly
button with towel or some dirty cloth. Another noticeable thing here is that sometimes the
instruments used for piercing are not sterilized and they contain germs. As soon as your belly
button is pierced germs affect the wound and your belly button gets infected from there. If the
pain increases and you see that the wound is not healing and is getting worse day by day then
you should immediately visit a doctor and should start taking medicines. There are cases in
which you need to replace the ring or permanently close the belly button hole.

There are some oils such as saline and lavender oil in order to clean the belly button ring and
kill the germs. During the curing process you should try to use good detergent to wash your
clothes which you wear and they come in contact with the belly button. If you feel little bit of
pain you should take bath in hot water. Hot water is excellent and it will reduce your pain and
speed up the healing process. You should not panic it the curing and healing process takes time.
6 months or even a year is considered normal for the healing of belly button.