Acne can have an adverse impact upon your appearance, personality and self-esteem. If often leaves stubborn scars that are extremely difficult to get rid of completely. so, its better to treat it before the problem gets worse. Its treatment is almost the same as of fairer tone or normal skin.






These tips will help treat acne in black skin:

best acne treatment for african american skin

Tropical skin lightening creams
African American skin produces more melanin. These are spots that are left behind after inflammation that occurs as a result of acne. These scars are darker in black skin . Apply generous amount of topical lightening lotion or cream on the skin to diminish darker spots. It work over period of time and works effectively.
People with black skin can ward off acne breakout by avoiding exposure to the sunlight. Wearing sunscreen is essential for them. Consult a dermatologist and ask about ideal SPF (Sun Protection Factor) for your skin. Normally, SPF 15 to 30 is recommended. Apply a thick layer before going outdoors and even on rainy or cloudy days ,early morning and to handle acne in young girl.
Avoid benzoyl peroxide
Skin care products that contain high content of benzoyl peroxide are harmful to the skin of black people. It dries the skin and also causes irritation and discoloration, which are highly visible in darker skin. So, it is highly important to avoid such harsh products and chemicals that can make condition worse and trigger the problem.
Mild cleansers
Yogurt and milk have long been used in face cleansing and these are devoid of any harsh strong ingredients. Such products are excellent for black skin because these are mild and soothing. You can make a home-made face wash using milk or yogurt.
Vitamin E oil and Cocoa butter
Because black skin is excessively dry and rough, using high-quality moisturizing products are vital for their health and natural glow. Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter are ideal to make sure you skin does not suffer from discoloration problems. These have no effect on natural skin tone.
For acne affected skin, always use toner after cleansing. It helps restore pH balance in the skin. Buy one that has no alcohol because it dries the skin.