Men and women both are very thoughtful about their cocktail dresses. It makes him or her gorgeous. So everybody should be very careful while choosing cocktail dress. It is an important topic in our life. When you want to choose your dress you have to follow some necessary steps and you must do these.It is especially for girls that when they dressed to kill means when they are to rock the party, they do know that fact.

Cocktail Dresses

It is good for the person who knows that he or she has dressed properly
for function because it adds confidence in personality. Below are some tips which can help you
in choosing a best cocktail party dress.

Pear Shape: Pear shaped women has unique body. Their shoulders are narrow but
their bottom is bulky as compare to others. The reason behind narrow shoulder is
inward angling of halter but due to same reason their hips and thighs look bulky. It
is recommended that such body type women should wear square neck shirts which
balance their narrow shoulders looks. To balance the looks of bulkier hips such women
should not use billowy skirt.
Inverted Triangle Shape: It’s all about looks; it is natural phenomena that those who has
narrow bottom look bulkier from shoulder or those women who have inverted triangles
shape body are recommended to wear V shape neck shirts. V shape neck shirt balance
the looks for their body. If you are talking about cocktail dresses for such body types
women; then it is recommended to use flirty skirts.
Round Shape: Ladies having rounded shaped body has perfect body in the world. The
recommended dresses for cocktail parties for such body types women is flare trumpet
skirts which gives rounded body with curvy figure.
Hourglass Shape: Hourglass body shape women should select defined waist cocktail
dresses. It is said that pencil skirt is recommended for such body type women. For such
women our designer recommends that they should keep neckline low.
For such body type women, we say think about counter balance because any cocktail
dress can suits you but still you have to select the best one.
Straight: Such body looks different from first glance as some visible curves can be seen
throughout the body. Coordinated skirts and tops are recommended for such bodies. It is
better if they do not wear cocktail dresses especially at night events.
Apple shape: Women who belong to apple shape body have fat legs. It is best if they
wear the dresses which hide the fatness of their legs. For such bodies we recommend
that they must choose solid color like black, dark red and other dark color. Such colors,
if do not hide the fatness than can draw the attention of people to their legs and in such
way their leg will look beautiful.