Well it is stiff to look 10 years young than the original age, but it is not as hard as we think so. Nevertheless, you can apply some makeup, beauty and skin care tips to look as younger as you want. The best way to be young is that you should be physically fit, just maintains your diet as a doctor recommends you. Excess amount of water will help you to get fresh skin as a women want to have, green vegetables and fresh fruits are the another way to get younger looking skin. Makeup is the way to get younger looking skin just only in few steps.

Look Ten Years Younger Instantly

Eye should be Prominent:

We know that the eyes are the most prominent part of the face and you have to take care of your eyes
as much as you take care of your diet. What would be the shades that you want to choose for your eye
makeup? If there are dark circles around your eyes then try to use those shades which will help you to
prevent dark circles. Use copper and brown color to shade your eyes; you can also give them pink shade
to get an innocent and younger look. Use creamy eye shades for better look.

How to get glowing skin?

If you want to look young then your skin should glow like the skin of young girls as they have beautiful
and charming skin. So to get this type of skin just take care of your diet, use right shades on your cheeks
and neck. If you are going to get pinkish look then shade your cheeks and neck just light pink or skinny
which will give you an innocent look.

How to get glowing skin

Here are some other tips which you may keep in mind while you want to get younger looking skin or you
want to look 10 year younger instantly.

1. Your dressing should be perfect;

it should suit with your figure. If you are thin and slim then try
to wear knee length or ankle length frocks. Pajama jeans and skinny jeans are the second most
wearable and good looking dressing which will help you to look like a celebrity. Maxi dresses and
loose dresses suite best on every girl whether she is thin or plus size.

Your dressing should be perfect
2. How to bind your hair?

The right way to bind your hair is that first of all you have to know that
what sort of shape your face has then choose a right hairstyle for it. You can choose ponytail
hairstyle, shag hairstyle if you want to get a pretty look, wavy and heavy waves are the best way
to get cute look.