Tips on How to use lipstick on dark lips to look younger than real age Some ladies sometimes have dark lips and when they apply dark lipstick on it they don’t look cool and as a result ladies with dark lips avoid using dark colors on their lips or even sometimes they start hating lipsticks and do not use it.How to choose the right lipstick color for your skin tone, But this is not the solution the solution is something else which will bendiscussed in this article.
How to use lipstick on dark lips
Key Tip:

First of all ladies should know that they are different from each other and they all are beautiful in
different ways. I will discuss with you some of the ways so that you can have any kind of nature and
color of lipstick on your lips whether dark or light. The key here is that in order to use lipstick on dark
lips you should apply any kind of base on your lips before wearing lipstick. You should keep one thing in
mind that the foundation used by you should match your skin. While applying this foundation on your
face also apply it on your lips. Does not use the foundation too much on lips just rub it slightly on the
lips? After applying the foundation use your fingers to further make it even with the skin color.

Appropriate way of applying base:

After you have applied the foundation on your lips let it dry. Wait for few minutes and let it dry so that
the foundation and lipstick are not mixed. Then choose the color of your own choice which you love
to use. This technique will now not show the actual color which was not good looking before. Other
benefit of this technique is that now your lipstick will also stay longer as before. There is no doubt that
different people have different kinds of lips and their color but this is the way to counter dark lips on
which lipstick does not suits.

Use of Chap Stick:

Now you can use any color of your choice and it will not look bold. You should not be afraid of using any
color with this technique. It is not necessary that you apply foundation only. You can also use Chap Stick
or Vaseline instead of foundation. They will play the same role but make sure that you let it dry before
you apply lipstick on it. Use smooth fingers or baby brushes to rub the foundation or Vaseline you have
used on the lips.Top 10-rated universal lipsticks for all types of lips?

Makeup Artist’s techniques:

The makeup artists have been using this technique since many years and it has proved to be an excellent
way so that women and ladies with dark lips can also enjoy the variety of different colors in lipstick. You
can also use this technique even if you do not have dark lips.