Take half tea spoon

baking soda and half tea spoon hony, make a mixture of it and apply it on nose for 15 minutes,than remove it gently with cotton bal, daily use of it for a week make your nose clean from heads.Makeup Tips To Make Your Nose Smaller Without Surgery.

care of dead skin.

Take two tea spoon yogurt one tea spoon lemon juice, mix it well and apply on face with a soft massage for 10 minutes than remove it when it becomes dry. use of this solution for 15 days. Make your skin shiny and glorious


Blackheads appear in the form of little black bumps on the surface of the skin, most probably on nose. They are not caused by the dirt, but when sebum from sebaceous glands mixes with dead skin cells and is oxidized when hits the air results in blackheads.Blackheads look uglier than a normal pimple and not doubt no one wants to have them on their nose. But they are one of the stubborn and irritating skin problems which will not leave you easily. But not to worry now, here are some remedies that can tackle this problem. After using these remedies, blackheads will definitely go far away from your life and you will never have them again.

1. Use Of An Eyelash Curler

Do you have an eye lash curler? If yes than half of you problem is solved. Go and fetch the eye lash curler .Put that part of eye lash curler on your nose which curls your lashes than start squeezing the blackheads.
You will notice it will definitely work, and you can easily get them out! Yes you will get hurt a little and your nose will become red. Apart from all this, your nose will become smooth and shiny! Try this technique and you will see the difference. But it works effectively on the tip of your nose.How to remove black heads from nose.


This method is very simple. You just need to get a pot which is easily available in homes, pour water into it, and then wait until it steams. When vapor starts coming out, bring your face near to the vapor but you should do it carefully, don’t burn your face. You have to wait for the pores of skin to open up, once they are open; squeeze the blackheads out by using your fingers or a pen.


This method is a little bit time consuming but in the end you will get the best results. All you need is to add a lot of salt to the milk. Its consistency should be gritty. There should be more salt than milk. You are not going to like its smell, but by using this technique you will get rid of all of your blackheads. And with the passing days you will be noticing a clear and smooth skin.


To get rid of these nasty blackheads, using salt, lime and honey is the best. Actually it is a scrub. Firstly you have to open your skin pores and then you have to scrub this on for 3-5 minutes in your nose. This substance should also be gritty in texture. These kinds of techniques are not overnight things, but their results are never disappointing.


Many cosmetic companies have really good scrubs for blackheads. These products contain salicylic acid that is why they are one of the best things for your skin. If you do not want to purchase any branded product than make sure the product you buy should contain this acid. And the most surprising fact about these scrubs is that they are not too expensive.