The process to get smoky eyes for blues is quite and rather simple. Right here on this webpage, we will be giving and provding you simple guidelines and tips as to how to have smoky eyes if you are having blue eyes.

You need to have following items:
•    Eye primer
•    2 shadows
•    Eye liner
•    Make up brushes
•    Mascara

how to get smokey eyes for blue eyes
Follow the steps to get smoky eyes for blue eyes:
•    In the very first step, you have to prepare the lid. Make sure that that eye shadow does not melt into your eyelid. It has always been recommended and suggested that eyelid has to be oil free so that you may apply proper makeup on your eyes. You have to first apply eye shadow base which we all call it by the name of primer. Swipe the primer on your entire eye lid and allow it to dry. Keep one thing in mind that primer has to be totally and completely dried up before you make a continuation to the next step.
•    In the very second step, start applying eye liner. You can either go for black eye liner, brown or a gray eye liner. Draw a thick line in the middle of your eye lash and only apply eye liner on your upper eye lash. For blues, it is suggestible to apply eye liner of having black color.
•    For the below eye lashes, you have to blend the color. In other words, we can say that make use of a black eye pencil and blend it on your lower eye lash. Draw a thin line, smudge it up in a proper way and manner and give it a hazzle and smoky look. If you do not have a black eye pencil then you may also make an application of black eye shadow to give your lower eye lash more smudgy look.
•    Moving on, again make an application light base color. Go for a nice and decent cream shade and swipe and smudge it on your lid. After blending and smudging, you now need to have darker eye shadow so that you may give final touch to your blue eyes. Make use of an eye shadow brush and start blending! You need to keep on double check your eyes and make sure that your eye color is well contrasting and complementing with the blended color.
•    Finally apply mascara and your task will be done.
If you find this process and procedure little bit simpler and less complicated enough then you should try out this method as soon as possible. You really do not have to go to a beauty salon now and can well make your eyes attractive and appealing enough by sitting at home. Save your money, buy a good quality cosmetic make up and start experimenting with your eyes, you will surely and certainly learn a lot. If you are having other eye color apart blue color, you may make use of other eye shadows that do not clash with your skin tone and eye color.