There is no doubt in the fact that every one wants to look good and want different tips and techniques
through which they can enhance their beauty and make themselves more attractive. This need is
among the basic needs for girls and as they want to look beautiful, attractive and hot they show great
interest in the fashion field. At their earlier ages this need is at its peak and they try different things
to achieve their beauty goals. So to fulfill this need of the girl I will provide you with some beauty tips
further in this article.

Fashion and beauty tips for the girls

Girls and their need of beauty:

The need of beauty start when a girls reaches her teenage but she should make sure that teenage is one
in which you should not over dose your face, hairs and other things. Girls have a very sensitive skin and
the sensitivity is at its peak when they are in their teenage. Many of the girls are affected by pimples
on their face this is because they use moisture that blocks the body pores and as a result they face the
problem of pimples. So to avoid the pimples you should use moisturizer in mild form and it should not
be used over dry skin. Also make sure that you do not use the moisturizer more than one time in a day.
The use of it should be limited to avoid problem of pimples.

Problems face by teen age girls:

Another problem that the teenage girls face is the problem of acne. This disease is caused surely
because this skin is sensitive and the hormonal changes that take place when a girl reaches her teenage.
The best solution to deal with this acne problem is that the girl should make sure that she keeps herself
neat and clean including her hands, face and hairs. During the time when there is a danger of acne
make sure that you do not wear too much of makeup over your skin because there are chances that the
brushes and other equipment used in make up will help the acne to grow.

Real beauty of girl:

The real beauty does not lie in the makeup but it is the natural beauty that means a lot to others. It is
important for girls to understand that there skins are different from each other. It is not necessary that
one thing that suits a girl will also suit the other. Women tend to have a less sensitive skin so they can
use makeup to hide the spots and other things on their face but in teenage the girl has a natural beauty
she should only wear less amount of makeup and focus of her dressing. She can use variety of lip glosses
and can enjoy different color of lipsticks and nail polish.More about Best Acne Treatment For African American Skin.

What a teen age girl should use:

Teenage girls should try a foundation or Vaseline before applying lipstick on it because this will make the
lipstick more attractive and will complement the sensitive skin. Moreover it also makes the lipstick to
stay longer on your lips.How to Get a Clear and Glowing Skin.