All women and girls want a magical fair complexion because they are more curious then men about their fairness and beauty. This is not an impossible mission to seek a fair beauty like celebrities and other leveled personalities for a common girl. For a fair, pleasant and pinky white face chase the following beauty tip.

Split one egg separate its yolk and prepare a mixture by using this yolk with one tea spoon  almond oil and one tea spoon lemon juice. When you make believe that it is ready for use massages this mixture on your face. Let set for 10 to 12 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. If you carry on this process regularly, your pinky white skin will turn the other faces on you. Don’t lose hope and try it.

Best Homemade Beauty Tips for Fairness

Collect orange covers during winter then dry these covers under sun light. Grand these dried covers and preserve this powder in a can. Keep this can on some dry place. You can use this powder whole year. Mix this powder in fresh milk.
Grind up one or two cups of oatmeal until it turns into a powder, now take one teaspoon of oatmeal powder and add it to the bowl or cup in which you want to make the face pack. Add a pinch of turmeric powder in, and then a few drops of lemon juice. Mix together and add lemon juice, if necessary, to obtain a thick paste. Apply the paste on your skin and let it dry. Wash it with warm water. It is most effective for all types of skin.
In most cases, we look dark this is due the use of some type of tan, what we got for themselves, when we leaving the house and exposing the soln. effective way to get rid of it is to use a mixture of gram flour, lemon juice and yogurt on the parts that exposed to the sun. Let it be on your skin for sometimes, and then get a bath. You’ll look fresh and bright.
Cucumbers are great for your skin. It reduces dark spots and helps to get rid of skin irritation. Stir lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply it on your face twice a day to get a good result. It will be very soothing and helps to relax.
Saffron is a unique flower with a wonderful quality of fairness. This makes a light skin color. Make powder of Saffron flower and apply on your face every day by mixing with a little milk.
This reduces the dark skin and very soon you will be able to feel the changes in facial skin from dark to fair. The use of saffron for lips in a gesture of the above tips for beauty fairness method that it can change your lip color also if you have black lips. This is one of the best home tips for fair skin.

Try all above beauty tips and change your skin tone from dark to light skin.