It’s easy for teen age girls to make their look natural and more attractive.There are many beauty tips which come from the old age women like as grandmother to her daughter then her granddaughter. The beauty tips have great importance in the life of women every girl want to make her beauty more attractive and impressive. There some beauty secret which are given below and can help a girl to take care of her beauty.Beauty Tips For Middle School Girls.
The skin of teen age girls is very sensitive so the girls must provide protection to their skin.

Best Beauty Secret for Teen Ager Girls

•     First of all water have great importance in skin care, use of excess water can make your skin more glowing and fresh.

•    The use of green vegetables provide the skin safety and its protein and other vitamins make the skin more glowing, vitamin “D” save skin from sun rays.

•    Natural homemade creams make the skin more beautiful, an affective home remedy is given below.

•   Take an egg and lemon juice in equal amount.

•    Make its mixture and heat this mixture until it become semi solid.

•    Apply this paste on the skin for 15 minutes and then wash the face.

•    Now store the remaining paste into a jar and place it in cool place for further use.

By using above home remedy your skin will be lighten and glowing

•   The homemade mask is also a best beauty tip for skin this is use to lighten the skin in natural way. The skin become relax by using these masks, to get glowing skin you must have to use homemade mask at least once in a week you will feel the notice able result in 3 or 4 weeks there is a  homemade mask is given below
Take one table spoon of cucumber juice, lemon juice, tomato juice, and sandalwood paste

•    Mix all these and make a paste

•    Apply this paste on your skin and leave it to dry

•    Rinse your face with clean water

•    Apply moisturizer on the skin

The use of this mask will give a natural glow to the skin within 2 or 3 weeks
Women’s skin usually delicate and sensitive specially the skin of teen agers,    so their skin soon effected by dust, sun rays, and other effected thing in the environment such as harm full gases, fuels, chemicals which spread out from industrial use and skin become dull and rough. Especially girls are worry due to the pimples which are caused by this environmental pollution these pimples leave dark spots on the face so the beauty tips becomes an important requirement to keep the skin glowing and attractive.
These beauty secrets are very easy and effective which make the skin lighten and glowing so the teen ager girls must use these beauty tips to keep their skin beautiful.