There are varieties of ways to clean make up brushes. We often do not care about
our brushes and even don’t bother to clean them for several months. It is not good
thing. Make up stuff get stick to brushes. It often happens that when we put some
shadow onto it, it gets mix with the previous color present on brushes and the color
we want to put on doesn’t comes out perfectly. So be sure to clean your make up
brushes at least once in month especially in the case if you use too much make up.

You can clean your make up brushes by following simple methods which are:

First of all there are some liquids available in the market in order to clean make
up brushes. They are good and effective. But if you don’t want to use or buy it
you can use homemade tips for it.

Use anti- bacterial soap and oil.

Use a bit of shampoo and let your brushes dry naturally.

You can use a combination of oil and dish wash. It will work to soften and as
well clean your make up brushes perfectly! Just place the mixture in a dish and
rub your brushes into it, cleaning them off under warm water. Place them on a
towel to dry overnight.why different types of makeup brushes.

Use baby shampoo to clean up your brushes. Wash them with cold water. Let it
dry naturally.

You can also use alcohol to clean your make up brushes. But don’t use it in too
much quantity. Use the mild one and then wash it thoroughly with water let them
dry naturally.

Another simple tip is to clean your make up brushes with a towel or paper
whenever you use it. You will not face problems in cleaning it.