Every girl heartily wants to protect her face form acne problems and they also want to get rid of dark
pigmentation caused by over production of melamine. They try to use different sort of beauty products,
but some of the products lead them to the tatty skin. The excess use of any sort of beauty products will
make your skin dull and rough.

How to Get a Clear and Glowing Skin

Makeup will increase your beauty:

Makeup is the easiest way to increase beauty; it is just the easiest way but not the permanent way. It is
not too much easy to apply the makeup; the makeup should equally match to your skin tone, if it is not
equally matching to your skin tone then it should look awkward. While doing makeup our first priority
should be our eyes, because eyes are the most prominent part of our face and one will first look at your

Well we have to keep in mind that what sort of eye liner and blush will suite the best on our skin tone.
You must choose the right color which will suite on your eyes, just keep in mind your skin tone and then
go to get the latest and stunning eye shades which will make your eyes prominent, but avoid thick eye
liner and thick eye shades it will make your look ugly.

The right way of getting beautiful and shimmering look is to have pink makeup, pink shade on cheeks
and pinks shade on eyes and use the light color of lipstick it should be light pink just equal to baby pink.
It will help you to get charming look as you dream of having younger looking skin.

Queen Latifah’s tip to get pure skin:

She said the best face wash to get pure skin is to mix baking soda with water, make a dilute solution of
baking soda and then wash your face with this mixture. It will help you to remove dark spots and it will
also wash away the dead skin from your face. She said my grandmother give me that tip, so try to wash
your face with this solution to get acne free skin.

Use of baking soda to get soft skin:

If you feel roughness and you want to get soft skin then mix three part of baking soda with one part of
water and apply it on the desired part of your body where you feel roughness. After one wash your skin
will look like a baby’s skin as soft as cotton.

Use the above tips to get glowing skin just like princes as you want to be, here are also some tips to get
soft and malleable look.