ls to Get Attractive Look:

Here I’ll illustrate ten homemade beauty tips for teenage girls. These are natural remedies which nevermake your skin burning and itching. So let try these remedies on the infected part of the body and I’msure you will feel comfortable after using these homemade beauty remedies.

1. Get Thick Hair:

Mix the same quantity of mustard oil and olive oil, massage your hair with thismixture at least two times a week. I assure that your hair will be as thick as you wanna.

2. Tip to Get Fair Skin:

Take the yolk of one egg; mix it with two table spoon of almond oil and one table spoon of lemon juice. Mix all three quantities till they become a paste, and then massage your skin gently for 10 mints. Use to massage regularly for a month without any pause to getglowing younger skin.

10 Homemade Beauty tips for Teenage Girls to Get Attractive Look


3. How to Avoid Acne Problem:

Acne is a biggest problem of this age, but don’t worry you can
get rid of this problem by using this simple home remedy. Very firstly avoid having sure, oily
and that product which cause hot effects. Mash onion and then dip in vinegar, leave it for some
hours then apply this mixture on the infected parts, very soon just after two or three treatments
you will get pure acne free skin. See More… How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast With Cream?

4. Get Pink lips Like the Petals of Rose:

Just mix up the petals of rose in milk, save it in the
refrigerator. Every night before going to bed apply this mixture on your lips and very soon your
lips will be pink as you desire to have.

5. Get Long Eyelashes:

Every girl dreams of having long eyelashes so now your dream will do come
true after using this home remedy. Wet small piece of cotton in olive or coconut oil and apply it
on your eyelashes every night before sleep.

6. Get Dandruff free Hair:

Dandruff cause of having acne problem so your hair should always be
acne free. Make mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil apply it two or three times in a week
and then your hair will be dandruff free in first week,
7. Mani Cure and Pedi Cure:

Just make a mixture of lemon juice, rose water and white glasreen
save this mixture. Massage your hands, arms and feet every night before going to bed. This will
make your skin shiny, smooth and glowing.
8. White & Shiny Teeth:

If you wanna shiny teeth then take outer covering of lemon, dry it and
make powder. Brush this powder one time a day and enjoy shiny teeth.
9. Get Rid of Dry Skin:

Make powder of almond mix it in fresh water then apply it on your skin, the
difference will be in front of you.
10. Get Soft & Spot Free Skin:

Make the mixture of olive oil, mustard oil and rose water. Massage it
on the body, after this your body color will be spot free and white.